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We are Capital Health Plan Providers!
Providing Pediatric Speech & Language
 Services in Tallahassee
To Schedule, Contact us:
  Phone: (850)-294-3249
Fax: (844)787-4715


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Our Address:
2930 Capital Medical Blvd.,
Tallahassee, FL., 32308
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Capital Speech & Language Therapy Services provides effective, research-based speech and language therapy for children. Our experienced Speech Language Pathologists provide skilled intervention in our state-of-the-art facility designed specifically for the needs of our speech and language patients.   



Specialties Include:

* Articulation

*Motor Speech Disorders

*Phonological Impairments


*Receptive and Expressive Language disorders



* Fluency (Stuttering)

*Voice disorders

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Our Team

Our Team

Maighen photo.jpg
Maighen photo.jpg

Maighen Blackburn

Speech Language Pathologist

Madison Stockton Foster

Speech Language Pathologist

Madison photo_edited.jpg
Bibiana photo.jpg
Bibiana photo.jpg

Bibiana Nunez

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

Maighen photo.jpg

Meghan Sims

Speech Language Pathologist

Meghan photo.jpg

J. Zachary Ulm

Speech Language Pathologist

Elyse Wahlquist

Speech Language Pathologist

Elyse photo.jpg
Megan photo_edited_edited.jpg
Megan photo_edited_edited.jpg

Megan Oldham

Office Manager

Robyn photo 2_edited_edited.jpg

Robyn Hillison

Owner/Speech Language Pathologist

Robyn photo 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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Kids in Preschool


We use a variety of standardized test measures as well as reports from parents/caregivers/teachers, observation of the child, and a variety of specialized, qualitative evaluation tools to determine a child's current speech and language skill level. With this information we are able to pinpoint specific areas of concern and develop individualized treatment goals.


Evaluations include an interview with parents/caregivers and any other applicable professionals , a testing session with the child, a full comprehensive report detailing the results, and a follow-up meeting with parents/caregivers to explain the evaluation results and answer any questions about the assessment.

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Capital Speech & Language Therapy Services, LLC provides evidenced-based, state of the art, quality therapy services with your child's individual strengths and concerns in mind.


We tailor our therapy goals and objectives to meet a child's constantly evolving profile of needs in order to consistently challenge them, keep them interested, and create lasting improvements across settings.


Our areas of specialty include Articulation/Phonological Impairment, Apraxia, Receptive/ Expressive Language Impairment, Autism, Speech/Language Delay, Hard of Hearing/Hearing Impaired, Vocal Nodules/Vocal Cord Dysfunction, and Fluency. 

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We provide speech and language screenings for daycare facilities, private schools, and other groups. Quick, reliable screenings can help determine if further evaluation is necessary. Contact us to set up

screenings for your group.





Contact Us:

Capital Speech & Language Services

Tel: (850)-294-3249

Fax: (844)-787-4715 


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